Know Thy Comps in the Casino

Casinos are known to offer generous servings of comps, or complimentary. These comps take into the form of freebies, discount rates and free food. Generally, such compliments are offered to first-time players and casino patrons alike. These wonderful gifts are given by the casino to ensure customer loyalty and patronage.

Since comps are given to both casino first-timers and patrons, know that comps are not a status symbol. The casino gives you comps based on your probability of losing. The more you stay in the casino, the more house advantage it has over you. When casino managers meet and greet a certain customer to offer him a bunch of comps, that customer has been a big loser for quite some time.

If you are interested in availing of comps, you only have to avail of a player's card to credit your games as you play. This enables you to be able to upgrade your freebies, from pens and hats to free food and overnight stay. Player's cards are free, but the casino does not have enough initiative to give them to you. Instead, you have to look for the room that gives away the cards, and all you have to do is ask.

Comps are generously offered by the casino, such as pens and hats, but the huge ones are not given initially. Cocktail food and wine are passed around as you play, but not necessarily a full-course meal. In other words, if you have enough credits to avail of a free buffet, the casino host will not suddenly give it to you. You will have to get up and talk to the casino attendants.

This is also applied to room comps. Room discount rates and even free overnight stay are given to the patrons, so make sure to ask before you leave the casino. If you have stayed in the casino's hotel, make sure to ask if your games are credited enough to be eligible for a discount rate. Then, make sure to remind the hotel staff right before you claim your hotel bill.

However, know that comps should not be the target as you play in the casino. It is very insensible to keep on playing just to avail of a free buffet. Basically, a casino wants you to keep playing for the comps, so that you keep on playing relentlessly. It is alright to avail of the comps to make your stay worthwhile. However, if you let the comps blind you, you will end up paying for them in the long run, after all that money you have lost.

When you play a game online it can be a lot of fun. If real money betting is involved this increases the fun much more as the level of excitement rises in direct proportion to the size of the sums winnable; the greater the sum, the greater the fun.

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