How to Play Casino War

With so many choices, one of he difficulties that casino newcomers have is deciding just what to play. While there are a lot of options available, the main criteria would be a game that's easy to play and win in. Casino War, offered by most venues, is one of the best choices.

The rules of a Casino War game are very straightforward. The player and dealer each get a card, and the goal is to get another card that has a higher value (the game is played with six decks, and rank from Ace to 2). Casino War commences with a player declaring the amount he or she will wager and is then given a card. If it is higher than the one the dealer got, the player wins, and vice versa.

In Casino War, the player has two options if the cards are of equal value. The player may surrender, and lose (or keep half the bet, depending on the perspective), or one can decide to go to "war". To use this option, the player must wager an amount equal to the original bet.

The next step in Casino War has the dealer mucking three cards from the deck, and handing, face down, the proceeding card to the player. Three more cards are burned and the dealer takes a hole card. They both turn up their cards, and the one with the higher value wins all the money on the table.

The great thing about Casino War is that if the player declares war and the result is a tie, he or she wins, and is paid out an additional amount equivalent to the original bet. Even better is that the house edge here is very low, less than 3% if you declare war. Surrendering has a house edge of 3.7%. However, betting that the outcome is a tie will increase the edge to 18%, so do not use this gambling option.

If you decide to play Casino War, look for some variations in the rules, such as different number of decks used or minimum/maximum wagers.

Casino War is as simple as it gets; there's no need to worry about odds, tactics or making quick mental calculations. With high prospects of winning money, and only a small advantage for the house, it's definitely a game that all novices should play. But even if you are a veteran gamer, the payouts make the game worth checking out.

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